What is your rate?
Our rates are based on several factors including the duration, location, and nature of your
event.  Please contact us at 615.4
06.9290 or at gigs@remediesband.com for a quote!

What type of music do you play?
The Remedies is a 'cover' band meaning we play popular songs by other artists.  We are
not a 'tribute' band, i.e., one that focuses on a particular decade or artist.  Instead we play
a variety of dance, pop, and rock hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today.  The depth and
breadth of our play list allows us to practically tailor the music for any event.  Want a
variety of styles and eras for your wedding because of the wide age range of attendees?  
Or do you need a band for your 80's party?  We can accommodate just about any event!  

Do you provide music during breaks?
Check this out!  We bring a DJ with us to handle all of the music during band breaks.  Our
quotes typically include this service.  Our DJ is hip and current with all the popular house,
club, and dance mixes of today by artists like Neo, LMFAO, Chris Brown, Brittany Spears,
Usher, Rihanna, and more.  He's also ready to go with those party favorites like "Cupid
Shuffle", "Cha Cha Slide", "The Wobble" and more.

What is your typical show like?
Our main goal is to energize your event with songs people want to hear and/or dance to
while staying true to the familiar sound, vibe, and arrangements of the original artists that
we cover.  We love dancing and crowd interaction, but we're fine with being background
music if that's what the gig calls for.  We're not ego-maniacal rock stars, but we're
definitely not your typical, cheesy wedding band or lounge act either!  

How do you dress for a show?
We dress accordingly for the event.  For weddings, we typically go dress 'up'.  We may
dress down for more casual events, but we always keep it hip, stylish and classy.

Can you learn special songs for my event?
Yes we can!  Our wedding quotes typically include three special requests at no additional
charge as long as the songs are within the general vibe of what we do and are not 6-8
minute long masterpieces like "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen or "Aja" by Steely Dan!  
However, we are not afraid to try anything, so we'll try to accommodate those more
involved requests, but please understand they may require additional fees.  Of course it
will have to be up to our sole discretion whether or not we can pull any special request off!

Do you provide sound and/or lighting?
We are fully loaded when it comes to sound and lights for most typical indoor and outdoor
events.  Our rates usually assume and therefore include provision for sound and lighting.  
Please feel free to contact us at 615.663.2990 or gigs@remediesband.com to discuss
requirements for your event.

What are your electrical power requirements?
We need a minimum of 40 amps (electrical, not guitar!) to sufficiently power our gear for
an event.

How much room do you need for set up?
We prefer an area 16' x 16' with a flat, level and sturdy surface.  If the event is outdoors,
we'll need protection from precipitation and moisture.  We're pretty flexible on staging so
please let us know your situation and we'll work with you to make it comfortable for all!

Can you provide MC services for my wedding?
Absolutely!  In fact, our typical rate quote for weddings assumes and therefore includes
provision for MC services.  We can provide MC services for other events just as well!

What type of music do you play during dinner/cocktail hour?
We usually play lighter fare by artists like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Hall & Oates, and James
Taylor along with some older Jazz standards by Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, etc.
sprinkled in.   

How long are your breaks and how many are there?
We usually take one 10 minute break per hour of performance.  So you get 50 minutes of
music each hour for solid dancing to all your favorite hits!